Fatma Alshamsi is currently a senior student in the Collage of Art and Creative Enterprises at Zayed University. She is pursuing a major in Interior Design with a minor in Curatorial Practices, and presently working on her bachelor thesis project. Her academic study has influenced and expanded her perspective in looking at life with a much deeper perspective.

The projects she worked on made her question her role as a student, interior designer and UAE citizen. Why and what if are her constant companion in seeking a better life for people. 

Fatma’s thesis project, is to rethink Emirati housing and neighborhood considering the vertical urban expansion of today’s UAE cities. The aim of this project is to create a better place to live for both young and an aging Emirati population through a multigenerational community while boosting the social capital and promoting a positive attitude towards aging itself.

She worked as a teaching assistant at Zayed University for a course called Interior Material and Construction. She assisted in the material library at Zayed University which had increased her knowledge in learning a wide range of interior materials.


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